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De folgjende reaksjes steane yn it gasteboek. Ast ek in reaksje jaan wolst dan kinst dit formulier brûke. Dyn reaksje sil net fuortdaliks pleatst wurde om't er earst nei de behearder stjoerd wurdt om sa foar te kommen dat der allerhande rarichheden yn komme.
12 maart 2007
Albert Heslinga

Beste vrienden,
First I hope you can read English, and if you can,! I like to thank all of you for those beautiful pictures .You will never know how much it means to us here. Al of my relatives and other Bitgumers are all crazy about them .We picked out so many family members, pictures we did not even know they were taken . My one sister spend 8 hours a day to look them all over . Now I would like to know if I could e mail you some of ours, to you . We have a lot of them from al different things like, it Harmonie corps from long ago and so on. I hope that is all right with you .Could you let me know? I still have to go true dozen of albums to get them. It is to bad my dad Sjoerd Heslinga and Liefke Kerkhof are past away, they would have loved it . Well so long and keep up the good work . Albert Heslinga .


24 jannewaris 2007

1 It hat der even yn hongen. Mar no is de side dan online. Ik hoopje dat er wat oan de ferwachtings foldwaan sil.